• Philosophy

    The 宗教部门 seeks to educate the whole student – intellectually, emotionally, 和精神上. We believe students enrich their education when theological exploration is part of their experience and when they engage their minds and imaginations. The department's curriculum provides a theological foundation to better inform the student’s faith experience.



  • 致力于正义与和平

  • 深化精神生活

    To deepen one's spiritual life through scripture and prayer
  • 发现神的奥秘

    To discover the mystery of God in your life and in the lives of the greater community
  • 过有道德的生活

    To develop one's character by asking what it means to live an ethical life.
  • 追求有意义的关系

    To pursue meaningful relationships, both in and out of the classroom



  • Religion 9

    The freshman religion curriculum reflects the content of the Catechism of the Catholic Church by introducing students, 无论是认知上还是情感上, to the most important themes of the Judeo-Christian religious tradition: (a) understanding our personal identity in response to God’s call to a personal relationship with Him and with our neighbor; (b) our Faith which finds its basis in God’s Revelation and its goal in our Covenant friendship with all persons of good-will; (c) the unique reality of Jesus’ humanity and divinity, 尤其是当他通过自己的生命带给我们生命的时候, death, resurrection and ascension; (d) our vocation to be sharers in the great community of the Church, guided by the Holy Spirit; (e) the role of Scripture as the inspired Word of God, and the role of Tradition in handing on a living Faith to us in our own times; (f) the sacredness of our own lives which is brought to greater fullness in the Sacramental life of the Church, especially in the celebration of Eucharist; (g) the awareness that the sacredness of our own identity is also a call to living a moral life that is sustained by prayer and a commitment to a personal spirituality. Assisted by 校园部, students will have a service requirement during each marking period. The freshman year essentially and integrally introduces the major themes for the full four-year program of religious education.
  • Religion 10

    大二的时候, the student is more fully involved in the scriptures of the Judeo-Christian tradition. 神圣的启示被认为是这项研究的基础, and both the desire to know God and true knowledge of God is understood in terms of Grace. Primary emphasis rests on the person and teachings of Jesus: the Incarnation, Redemption, 和逾越的奥秘. 耶稣基督自己的奇迹和奥秘, 真神和真人, permeates our human history and constitutes the history of our salvation. Our study of Jesus is rooted in both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Scriptures. Thus, Creation, 人类罪恶的故事, 出埃及记的经历, 先知的挑战, and the Prayers of the Psalms are intimately related to this history of salvation that continues in the power of the Holy Spirit, who enlivens our understanding of Jesus in our Study of the Gospels, and our encounter with him in our Sacramental celebrations. Integral to this and complementing the reflective elements introduced in the freshman curriculum, 并再次得到校园部的协助, students will have the opportunity to become more personally involved in the following: (a) an understanding of the gospel in terms of Call and Commissioning which involves the student in a spirit of prayer and recollection, as it challenges him or her to seek after that Call to his or her life and find opportunities to live that Call; (b) to understand that the Gospel Message and the Mission of the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools which involves a concern for the poor and a response by projects of service; (c) an understanding that students are writing their own life parables, as they see the biblical message in the context of modern life and living. Assisted by 校园部, students will have a service requirement during each marking period. The sophomore curriculum prepares students for junior religion which applies the message of Jesus to the mission and teaching of the Church which grew following His life and continues today. 二年级的研究论文是课程要求. 
  • Religion 11

    The junior year maintains continuity with the freshman and sophomore curriculums as students are challenged to discover how the Covenant, 第一次出现在希伯来圣经中, 并在生命中更新, death, 耶稣的复活和升天, 继续履行教会的使命和见证. 大三的学习将由两个部分组成. 首先是对教会的研究. The course will encourage the students to participate in the Catholic Church in order to have a real and living encounter with Jesus Christ. The Church is the living Body of Christ, with both human and divine elements. 在本课程中, the students will learn about key events in the Church’s human history, 但要时刻牢记她的神圣使命. Secondly, the course is a study of morality and the personal challenge to develop a conscience, to understand the teaching of the Church on a variety of issues, and to understand that this finds articulation in their commitment to moral life and living. Students will be assisted by 校园部 in preparing for participation in the CHIPS soup kitchen as part of the Junior Retreat.
  • 天主教的研究

    This course will explore the intersection of history and religion in order to better understand your own faith and develop a greater appreciation for the significant role the Catholic Church has played throughout history in shaping culture, tradition, 以及世界观. The class will begin with the period of history in which Jesus lived and in which the Gospels and other New Testament writings were created. From here, students will explore different periods of history and examine the role the Church has played throughout the world, 今年晚些时候, 焦点将转移到它在美国文化中的作用. The history covered in this course will be explored through different focus questions which will help you think about your own faith and how it relates to others across the world and throughout time. 其中一些问题包括:为什么是基督教? 我们能相信福音书吗? 死后是什么样的? 教会如何回应梵二? 你今天如何体验你的信仰?
  • 世界宗教

    在一个多元文化的城市, 多元化的国家, 全球化的世界, understanding cultures and religious traditions is a key skill within government, business, and society. This course is a critical introduction to the study of world religions, 探索信仰, rituals, and ethical ideals of representative religious manifestations of past and present. 
  • 天主教社会正义与领导

    In the twenty-first century, strong leaders are needed throughout society. 在本课程中, students will study examples of leadership within and outside the Catholic tradition, 领导理论, 同时也要培养自己的领导能力. Students will examine the prophetic tradition both within scripture and modern-day society and additionally recognize the impact that their own leadership can have on the world day.
  • 上帝哲学

    本课程旨在, 用梵蒂冈第一届大公会议的话来说, show how the human mind can discover God’s existence and His basic divine attributes independently of His self-revelation in Scripture. 随着学生从高中过渡到大学, they often encounter philosophical and metaphysical questions. For the most part, modern and contemporary philosophy is deist if not outright atheistic. Students who have never studied philosophy may not know that the existence of God can be known through human reason, 常常导致信仰危机. This course will introduce students to philosophy as a science and from there focus heavily on philosophers who aim to know the existence of God. While students will be introduced to deist and atheist philosophers, the focus will be on not necessarily studying them for their own sake but rather using God’s gift of reason and theist thought to refute them.
  • St. John's University Perspectives on Christianity - A Catholic Approach

    在对我们当前时代的审视中, this course promotes the Christian teachings and provides seniors an opportunity to synthesize the various aspects of Catholic theology that they have encountered in their first three years. This course incorporates "an introduction to Christianity highlighting belief statements, practices, scripture, rites, 神学著作, 艺术表达方式, and other discourses manifesting and expressing the Christian faith in its various traditions through its development" (St. 约翰的大学). 



  • Religion 6

    This course will explore the Scriptures using historical, literary, and theological tools to help students understand God’s relationship with His people. It will also prepare students to better understand the New Testament and the Church. 
  • Religion 7

    Students will explore the New Testament and develop their understanding of Jesus Christ.  Building upon knowledge of the Old Testament from 6th grade, 学生将学习社会, historical, and cultural background of Jesus as His apostles knew Him when He walked the earth. Through reading the four Gospels and supplemental material, students will learn Jesus’ teachings and deepen their understanding of his identity as the Son of God. They will research and discuss ways that the messages of the New Testament are relevant to their lives in today’s world.
  • Religion 8

    Students will explore the social teaching of the Catholic Church and understand how integral living out these lessons is for their Catholic identity. 借鉴六年级和七年级的知识, students will connect themes of social justice to foundational concepts from the Old and New Testaments. They will research historical documents and “case studies” on social justice issues of the past and debate and discuss with their classmates those topics as well as current events.



  • 文化与伦理

    大一的时候, the students study the Ancient and Eastern religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Shintoism, 和索罗亚斯德教. The goal is to help students further their understanding of religions outside their experience. 
  • 文化与道德

    A course for sophomores designed to give them a solid foundation in the Western religions - Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The information will be disseminated through the use of film, 互联网研究, art, 以及《体育博彩平台》一书. 学生将学习古代的神圣文本, as well as the various traditions from ancient through modern times. The goal is to help students gain an understanding and tolerance of the main religions that have made the United States one of the world's most dynamic societies.
  • 文化与伦理11

    This course runs in conjunction with the United States History curriculum. The impact of religion and religious groups is looked at, as well as various ethical issues that have impacted the lives of Americans. 学生使用美国电影, literature, music, and the internet to deepen their understanding of their inter-relatedness of history and culture.



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